The word “lava” originates from the Latin “labes” which means fall and refers for the first time to the release of the magma. Being a spectator of a volcanic eruption means watching an unforgettable spectacle, where the sulphurous exhalations blend with the scent of orange blossom, the red liquid magma runs through the flames. Cooling down, it becomes a stone with black tones. Our skilled hands shape and work it making its color a lively counterpoint of chromatic effects.


The experience of our managers and craftsmen has made Orolavico, in a short time, a company able to provide interior design solutions thanks to the use of lava stone, unique and precious stones from all over the Sicilian territory.

  • Giuseppe Mondera
    Giuseppe Mondera CEO
  • Giancarlo Rosano
    Giancarlo Rosano Production Director
  • Angela Mondera
    Angela Mondera Human Resource Manager
  • Guglielmo Amore
    Guglielmo Amore CFO
  • Enrico Buscemi
    Enrico Buscemi Sales