Our company is always looking for new ways to interpret the language of the stone industry, trying to turn the natural beauty into art.


All processes are the result of extensive research and experiments and make us proud to be able to take advantage of advanced technologies to create products unique and unrepeatable using the finest materials.


The experience of Managers and Artisan Craftsmen make OROLAVICO a company able to provide solutions to interior and exterior designs, ranging from the creative use of Etna Lava Stone and the various unique and precious stones found in Sicily.

  • Giuseppe Mondera
    Giuseppe Mondera CEO
  • Giancarlo Rosano
    Giancarlo Rosano Production Director
  • Angela Mondera
    Angela Mondera Human Resource Manager
  • Guglielmo Amore
    Guglielmo Amore CFO
  • Enrico Buscemi
    Enrico Buscemi International sales